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33 Year Old Kid

July 12, 2010


I turned a year older over the weekend and my sister baked me this cake. I was truly wowed.

“This cake was made specially for my kid brother. He just turned 33, no longer a kid by all accounts but to me he’ll always be my rascally little bro.

Though we are 7 years apart, growing up he was my ally at home, getting up to mischief together when we were supposed to be studying. Catching smelly beetles and irritating our elder sis. He was also my “umbrella life-saver”-I would give him $1 to shelter me to the bus-stop on rainy days because carrying an umbrella to town when you’re on a date would be just too ‘unglam’.

Through the years, I’ve seen him grow into a wonderful person and I’m really proud of him, of the person he’s become and how he works real hard to achieve his goals.
So for this years cake, I wanted it to not only represent some aspect of him but to bring a big smile to his face.

So to a Star Wars fan, an amazing photographer,my umbrella life-saver and most importantly an all time great brother – HAPPY 33RD BIRTHDAY!”

- Yvonne Chan

Check out more of Yvonne’s creations at serendipityyvonne.wordpress.com

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