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A ‘Merry Birds’ Christmas

December 27, 2010

Christmas – a season of giving, sharing, shopping, eating, drinking, reindeers, elves, mistletoe, Santa Claus, Jesus’ birth, Christ Mass or a pagan festival? What ever reason for the season, I guess none is as significant as whichever one draws closest to one’s heart.

And Christmas to me, is a time for food, family and merriment. Every year I look forward to the spread of food Mom and my sisters would prepare for our annual fest of roast beef, baked ham, devil’s curry and cakes. Sitting around the dinner table with the entire family sharing a festive meal, catching up, toasting and the warmth of being amongst loved ones never fails to lift my heart and spirit. Not forgetting the all-important gift exchange – catching the smiles on each other’s faces turn to puzzlement after all the wrapping paper has been torn off (great family feuds result from buying the wrong gift!). So this year I wasn’t going to let the headaches, runny nose and stuffy nose from the flu stop me from being with the family.

Merry BirdsThis year, Yvonne made an Angry Birds inspired ‘Merry Birds’ cake. I was quite stoked that RovioMobile (the developers of the Angry Birds game) re-tweeted this shot through their official twitter account.

Merry BirdsMerry BirdsThe nephew is in his ‘make a funny face in each photo’ phase.

Merry BirdsIt was painful watching Yvonne slice into the cake.

Merry BirdsMerry BirdsMerry BirdsInstax-laroids!

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