Dazza Pictures

Buddha Bite

July 08, 2009

buddhatooth_0335.jpgWith a bit of time to squeeze in sharing some photographs from Steve McCurry’s workshop, here’s a few shots from the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple where we spent some time in. It felt quite serene roaming the temple snip-snapping away, a sort of calm and spiritual ease.

I realized during the workshop that the way McCurry shoots is totally opposed to the way I am used to. While he has time – sometimes up to 3 months – to spend at a location just to get that one shot, we don’t often get that kind of opportunity with candid uncontrived moments. Steve was all about crafting, working the shot, waiting and revisiting places. And in all honesty, his way of ‘educating’ was a little bit of a disappointment to me, with us kids brought up on MTV and the ‘instant now’ Internet.

But it dawned on me that – Yes, his style of shooting is totally different from what I expect of myself and my expectation to ‘feed me NOW!’ set me up for disappointment. That in a sense the lesson to be learned was one of patience and learning to calm and quieten the inner voice. Not to quash creativity but to attain a sort of zen (yes pun intended, yet again).



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