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Glósóli – Glowing Sole, Glowin...

October 13, 2008

If you haven’t already heard, I’m a huge Sigur Rós fan. To be fair if you want to throw the poseur card on me, I only caught on to them pretty late with their album Takk, which is also why I missed them in Melbourne when I was still in … Read entry »

Long Live Life

October 08, 2008

I really felt like blogging today. The impulse I have many a times, to just write unabashedly about my thoughts and the happenings around me. But I couldn’t really settle on anything this morning (Yes, it is 5 and I am still awake) and like my blog posts recently, music … Read entry »

I’ve got you stuck in my head

October 06, 2008

There’re some ads that just get locked in our heads and remain in the recesses of our thoughts. So whenever we hear a piece of music or spot a visual cue, our brain quickly associates it with the said product or brand. Which is what any advertiser or marketer will … Read entry »

Perk me up

October 06, 2008

Despite the lyrics, I love this video by The Killers. Quirky, I hope that’s me. Read my Mind – The Killers Read entry »

The Story Breaks

October 01, 2008

Because I’ve already covered my admiration for James Nachtway here in a previous post, I reckon I won’t re-cover it be typing a post, except to copy and paste some info to his Ted Wish being made true come October 3rd. James Nachtwey, one of the world’s greatest photojournalists and … Read entry »