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Momentarily caught in this moment

September 28, 2008

Sometimes you hear a track and you really love the piece of music but have never really paid much attention to the lyrics. Or maybe that’s just me – a visual and an aural person first. And that’s the perfect of example for Röyksopp‘s, ‘Only this Moment’. I’ve had the … Read entry »

I thought I was sick of Being Yours

September 27, 2008

Ok, so how many times have you already heard Jason Mraz’s I’m yours over the radio or your irritating colleage’s iTunes playlist? Planning to jump over the cubicle partitions and wring his or her neck? Wait just a minute and check out Chris Cendana’s (another one of those YouTube sensations) … Read entry »

Fat Pizza pizzas

September 14, 2008

When we were still living in Melbourne, my housemate Suki [ www.fatpixel.com.sg ] and I would chug beers and laugh at silly jokes on monday nights to Fat Pizza. We’d be laughing away and when we ended up back on campus the next day, we’d be laughing all over it … Read entry »

Woah. Sleeping to dream.

September 10, 2008

Woah. I’ve been saying that alot lately. Woah. What I should really be doing right now is working on some commissions and jobs, but I ended up checking vids out on youtube. And since I missed all his performances and the recent one at Singfest (fraking Reservist!), coupled with Mr. … Read entry »

At home with Victory Rose.

September 08, 2008

I realised its been a year since I caught this trailer, which spurred my wanderlust for Europe and Iceland. The trailer for Sigur Rós documentary ‘Heima’ – awesome cinematography, awesome music. Which so happens to be one of my favouritest bands. Read entry »