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Why photography still inspires me

September 02, 2008

Despite having graphic visuals shoved through my iris’ every second, despite living in this media saturated environment, despite everyone having access to a media capturing device, despite at times feeling rather jaded with creativity, vision and shoots, despite me not being a very experienced photographer,  despite, despite, despite… (fill in … Read entry »

Lights guide you…

August 26, 2008

One word – Whoa! www.luminalive.sg I haven’t been checking out websites in a long, long while. In fact, not checking out the scene actively since I quit design full time. I had made the conscious effort to not get involved in what was up and coming, to be inspired by … Read entry »

Such Great Heights

August 25, 2008

Iron and Wine (cover) The Postal Service – the video our beloved TBWA ripped off for apple. Ben Folds (cover) Read entry »

Bond is Zohan

July 12, 2008

Bond is Zohan. I’m shitting you not, the screen grab is real and no D.I involved. Was checking out the new Quantum of Solace Trailer on Apple and got confused by the page’s title “You don’t mess with the Zohan”. Guess someone forget to change the HTML. Happens all the … Read entry »

Coldplay, play SG again!

July 04, 2008

Lovers in Japan Spot Ricky Gervais and Jay-Z at this concert at BBC Viva la Vida Read entry »