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The 5 Gifts of Love

June 10, 2008

I lifted this off a friend’s blog, something we discussed when the subject of love came up. How this works is everyone has different priorities, even between couples themselves. You score the 5 gifts individually of each other by prioritizing them from say 1 to 5. Then you return and … Read entry »

All I Need

May 31, 2008

some things cost more than you realise. Help freedom – www.mtvexit.org All I Need – Radiohead I’m the next act Waiting in the wings I’m an animal Trapped in your hot car I am all the days That you choose to ignore You are all I need You are all … Read entry »

Viva la Appleplay

May 24, 2008

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The Album Leaf

May 21, 2008

Hi, I just found myself on The Album Leaf’s youtube video when they played in Singapore last year. So awesome, so funny, so embarrassing… Read entry »

The reason why I’m never picking...

May 07, 2008

I give up. Read entry »