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WPN: Shark Friendly Wedding Photograph...

November 29, 2010

A bit over a year ago, I rambled on for three blog posts about being a leisure scuba diver, how watching the film SharkWater shed some light on the cruelty of the shark-finning process, and on how I wanted to affect some change to be involved in Shark-fin friendly wedding … Read entry »

Of beer, peanuts and blog posts

April 01, 2010

So it’s 2am, I’ve just finished editing a set of photographs and I’m chillin with a bottle of Hoegaarden and some black peanuts leftover from Chinese New Year. Though a little too late to think about New Year resolutions and plans (OMG, where did the first quarter of 2010 go?), … Read entry »

Alot more than just 30 seconds

August 26, 2009

The thing with working in the creative industry is that, it is rather hard to quantify the amount of effort needed to produce any piece of art. Now I’m calling it art and not work because I’m still somewhat an idealist – I much rather create art than to produce … Read entry »

Crabby July Baby

July 19, 2009

Ok, so I turned another year older a couple of week’s ago. And I obnoxiously twittered about thanking my mom for giving me life on that day. Interestingly, it was a bride I photographed recently that was the first to wish me – “I found out from facebook” – thank … Read entry »

Buddha Bite

July 08, 2009

With a bit of time to squeeze in sharing some photographs from Steve McCurry’s workshop, here’s a few shots from the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple where we spent some time in. It felt quite serene roaming the temple snip-snapping away, a sort of calm and spiritual ease. I realized during … Read entry »