Dazza Pictures


January 07, 2009

Everyone seems to have one these days, including this late adopter. And when you meet other photographers and videographers at an event sometimes we sneak off to compare the size of our… woops wrong post. Anyways… just a quick note to pre-empt some lack of updates as I dig myself … Read entry »

Obama 08— Logo Design Process

December 17, 2008

Sometimes clients wonder why a project takes so long to conceptualise and execute. Honestly, the mantra ‘cheap, fast and good’ is one for fools. And from my experience, clients who allow their creative teams leeway for exploration, un-rushed and untainted ideas to be considered will almost ALWAYS produce the best … Read entry »

The unglam cam whoring in toilets Pt 7

December 13, 2008

The doctors tell me the voices are normal. So I keep up my toilet fetish :P Grand Copthorne, Waterfront Hotel. Read entry »

Melbourne – Day 8: Little Big Po...

December 06, 2008

Eat, drink, eat, drink. Burp. And that is exactly what I did today on the last full day of this trip. It was meant to be a Fitzroy day, where we planned to just eat and drink in and around Brunswick Street. We headed to Jasper Coffee for some coffee … Read entry »

Melbourne – Day 7:

December 06, 2008

Breakkie before Breakkie After Did you ever wish you could have more or even stop time? Well, I wish I could have today. Visiting NGV International today, I lost track of time pondering over exhibits and visiting the museum store, which made me rush through the remaining exhibits in quick … Read entry »