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Melbourne – Day 6: Coffee, Cats,...

December 04, 2008

Ok looks like this will be a long one today, so let’s roll. The weather today was a comfortable high of 25oC and it was a lovely day to finally be able to walk around in short sleeves, so we made our way to Obscura Coffee. Obscura was opened by … Read entry »

Melbourne – Day 5: Chilly Blue S...

December 03, 2008

Woo! The blue skies are out again, only the 2nd time I’ve seen blue skies since we landed. Blue skies on the first day, overcast the rest and finally the yonder came out again. But on the flip side it was rather chilly today, I mean for us pussy Asians. … Read entry »

Melbourne – Day 4: Green + Goals

December 02, 2008

We headed out to the city again today, met up with some old colleagues and relived my lunch break meal of salmon don off Flinders. We ODed on more graffiti and I thought it was amusing that this illegal activity has somewhat become a tourist attraction with all the art lined along … Read entry »

Melbourne – Day 3: In and around...

December 01, 2008

Spent a lazy day (woke at noon) walking around Fitzroy street and it reminded me of how much I love Melbournian’s sense of fashion and dress sense. More specifically, the Fitzroy-nians and the Prahran-nians. There is just something unpretentious about the mismatched clothes, stockings, shades, fedoras, jackets and hair cuts. … Read entry »

Melbourne – Day 2: Graffiti

December 01, 2008

It is 3am in the morning and I am cursing at this agonizingly slow Powerbook as it chugs along. But I guess the day wouldn’t be right with a post and a picture. I think this was Union Lane, with an installation of musical bells that would chime to tunes. The … Read entry »