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{The Story of…} David+Michelle

February 27, 2012

While I love all the weddings I’ve been able to experience and relish in learning about each couple’s stories, I’ll be honest to say I may just love David and Michelle’s a wee bit more. Ok, maybe I’m a little biased here, because Dave and I were colleagues in the … Read entry »

{Wedding Portraits} The Hot-Toys-obots

November 30, 2011

Michelle+Jeremy got married earlier this year and decided to have a ‘post-wedding’ portrait session. When we caught up again before the shoot, I had a fascinating time chatting with Jeremy about his collection of ‘Hot Toys’ figures – from Bruce Lee to Iron Man (I was tempted to pick up … Read entry »

{Wedding Portraits Teaser} Prabs+Rose

November 29, 2011

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Congratulations Mr & Mrs 20.11.20...

November 27, 2011

{Wedding of Lionel and Audrey} Lionel and I spent our time in polytechnic skipping classes, sucking on cancer sticks and listening to White Zombie. Then he met Audrey and became one of the nicest gentleman I’ve known. Congratulations you two. \m/ Read entry »

Rain or shine

November 15, 2011

Don’t fret about the weather during your wedding, because…”Rain or shine darling, I’ll be here with you”. Shot at The Racha in Phuket, Thailand. Read entry »