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Congratulations Mr & Mrs 20.11.20...

November 27, 2011

{Wedding of Lionel and Audrey} Lionel and I spent our time in polytechnic skipping classes, sucking on cancer sticks and listening to White Zombie. Then he met Audrey and became one of the nicest gentleman I’ve known. Congratulations you two. \m/ Read entry »

Rain or shine

November 15, 2011

Don’t fret about the weather during your wedding, because…”Rain or shine darling, I’ll be here with you”. Shot at The Racha in Phuket, Thailand. Read entry »

Jacinta + Roy {Wedding}

July 21, 2011

Jacinta and Roy were fellow ‘Labbers’ from Satchi Labs who love all things Japanese. I soon discovered Roy’s love for action figures and I reckon his collection beats my one Stormtrooper figurine any day. Their day began with a church solemnization at Barker Road Methodist Church where Jacinta arrived in … Read entry »

Of Beer and Pirates: Jan+Jeanette {Wed...

February 17, 2011

It’s been a while since I posted a set of an entire wedding and I couldn’t be happier than to post Jan and Jeanette’s. Jan and Jeanette are the sort of couple who are simply unpretentious, warm, kind and great to hang out with. When we first met, we talked … Read entry »

Catching the dawn with Jiansi+Aileen {...

November 18, 2010

Getting up before the break of dawn used to be considered a sin in my books. But I very quickly learnt to forgive myself when breathing in the morning air and watching the sky light up with the yolk of the sun became a glory I looked forward to each … Read entry »