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Wedding of Ann + Sebastien

March 23, 2009

Chocolate hearts – no. Heart shaped ballons – no. Overpriced red roses – no. Candlelight dinner overlooking the skyline with fireworks – no. Just what am I talking about? Valentines Day. In the last sneak peak, I let in some shots of an Engagement Session at the Botanic Gardens with Ann and Sebastien … Read entry »

Wedding of Sheryl + Stephane

March 07, 2009

This was one of the biggest weddings I shot to date. A million guests, a million tables (no I didn’t have to shoot table-to-table shots) and a million LOL moments. Lots of laughs as the Bride and Groom were super relaxed, super bubbly, super fun with super friends. Friends who … Read entry »

Wedding of Serena + Gavin

March 02, 2009

In the last sneak peak, I let you guys in on one of the most awesome-est couple I have ever met – Serena and Gavin. So cool and awesome to the point that, they booked me to photograph their wedding without having even met me. True story. I was soundly … Read entry »

Wedding of Abrie + Zhou Qi

February 19, 2009

Humbly humbled – is how I would describe how I felt with Abrie and Zhou Qi’s awesome hospitality. I know Zhou Qi better as ‘Chew Qi’ from our reservist unit – where we bitch and moan about how we’ve been taken away from civilisation during our annual In-Camp Training. And … Read entry »

Wedding of Ruishan + Mengtong

February 12, 2009

I loved shooting this wedding. For one, the Bride and Groom were really nice and friendly, I never felt once as just a ‘vendor’.  Also, there weren’t any table to table shots – letting Eadwine and myself the space to shoot what we wanted at the Marriot Hotel. This grumpy … Read entry »