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Alan+Melissa {Bridal Portraits}

December 21, 2010

Alan+Melissa are made of awesome. When they arrive to the shoot with some friends and a case full of cold beers you know that, well everything would be awesome. Rusty, the couple’s little woof woof made a guest appearance. Their awesome cool friends who played a HUGE part on the … Read entry »

Tony+Kit {Wedding Portraits}

December 02, 2010

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Alan+Melissa {Lifestyle Portraits}

November 25, 2010

Alan+Melissa ♥ Wayfarers, Vespa scooters, dogs, wakeboarding, Bali, plaid shirts, beer and most definitely each other. We headed to Emerald Hill’s Ice Cold Beer where the couple first got to know each other. Read entry »

Catching the dawn with Jiansi+Aileen {...

November 18, 2010

Getting up before the break of dawn used to be considered a sin in my books. But I very quickly learnt to forgive myself when breathing in the morning air and watching the sky light up with the yolk of the sun became a glory I looked forward to each … Read entry »

A ‘Victorious’ Wedding wit...

November 15, 2010

Tim+Fran got married at the Church of St Francis Xavier, Singapore. It was Victorious. The Pageboy took his job very seriously. ‘This ring spells victory’. Read entry »