Dazza Pictures

Chinatown Walkabout

January 23, 2009

crowd.jpgYep. Ah Ha. We fought the crowd again to take a little walkabout around Chinatown. Took some videos again and I was initially quite pumped to do up another video like the one for Christmas. But alas, laziness and some backlog of photographs stopped me from doing just that.

Anyways, here’s some of the clowning around Labbit, X and myself got into.

PS: Oh, oh. HUAT AH! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Have a┬áprosperous, ‘money come big big’ Lunar New Year. May we all slog less in the year of the Ox. Slog, zlog. Ehhh geddit? Cheesy I know, nevermind. :P

crowd.jpg CNY09_Chinatown-Walkabout-26.jpg CNY09_Chinatown-Walkabout-6.jpg CNY09_Chinatown-Walkabout-22.jpg CNY09_Chinatown-Walkabout-28.jpg CNY09_Chinatown-Walkabout-27.jpg CNY09_Chinatown-Walkabout-31.jpg

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