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April 23, 2011

Hello there :)

The last month or so has been a little bit crazy. I had expected April to be a moderately light month, with just a couple of shoots scheduled. But it turned out to be a lot more crazier when, first the folks and I at WPN decided to take a trip by train up to Malaysia, then Amanda Lee invited me to be part of a wedding show which was then immediately followed by a 2 week in-camp reservist training.

To put it in perspective, this is how the last 3 weeks for me looked like:
April 11 Calendar
WPN: Journeys, Wedding Shoot, Wedding Show, Reservist: In-pro, Book-out, Wedding Shoot, Book-in, Reservist: 3 day outfield exercise, Out-pro. Well, to the master procrastinator this is a packed schedule.

So with the brief moments in-between, I found myself updating my twitter, facebook, instagram accounts a bit more than the blog. While I enjoy blogging and look forward to posting stuff here, my other lifestreams let me post brief snapshots and rants quickly. Also, with Facebook’s neat gallery function I’ve been posting some quick posts of ‘Sneak Pics’ from recent shoots which haven’t gone up here yet on the Dazza Pictures Facebook page.

So if you’re a kay-po social media addict like me, come ‘friend, follow or like’ me on these social media sites. I’ll be sure to kay-po you back ;)

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