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March 02, 2011

Candlenut Kitchen

A little over a year ago, a modest little restaurant called The Candlenut Kitchen, opened on Neil Road.

Opened by my cousin – Chef Malcolm Lee – the restaurant serves Peranakan dishes with recipes from our dearest ‘Por Por’ (Grandma) but with a modern twist.

Malcolm with a Miele Guide Culinary Scholarship graduated at the top of his cohort from the Sunrice GlobalChef Academy in ’09. While he could have worked at any of the top restaurants, Malcolm answered his calling to open his first restaurant. And nothing called him home like Peranakan food.

Ayam Buah KeluakAyam Buah Keluak: A peranakan signature of buah keluak nuts and chicken

Babi ChinBabi Chin: Braised pork belly, black mushrooms and potatoes in tau cheo gravy.

While Malcolm may be top chef, Aunty Kym (Malcolm’s mother) is the head of the kitchen, making sure that the food that gets plated tastes just like Grandma’s. Now, if you know the Peranakans no one else’s food tastes better than their own Grandmother’s. And there is always something lacking in some other restaurants food. But I think when your own Por Por who has visited the restaurant gives her stamp of approval, then there surely must be something right.

Itek TimItek Tim

Kueh Pie TeeKueh Pie Tee: Braised turnips with pork belly, served in kueh pie tee shells with prawns.

Fish CurryFish Curry

Chendol CreamChendol Cream

Sago MelakaSago Melaka


The restaurant may have a deep family spirit – picture frames with photographs of our families and Por Por’s beaded slippers hang on the wall – but the restaurant is very much Malcolm’s own creation. I am so proud of him to have followed his passion and put in all the hard work to open and run his own restaurant.

I only hope these photographs do some justice to the delicious food.

Candlenut Kitchen

The Candlenut Kitchen

25 Neil Road
Singapore, Singapore, 088816
+65 6226 2506

Mon – Sat:
11:30 am – 3:00 pm
6:00 pm – 10:30 pm

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