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September 18, 2008

gabbo-the-joyous-child.jpgKids, I hate them.

Gabbo – the funny nephew.

You see, if you have four nieces all between Primary 4 to 6, when they come over to the grandparents (yes, yes. I still live my parents. Bleah), the ruckus they create when they run around the house screaming, yelling, jumping and shouting – well you pretty much get the picture. No doubt the house is pretty vacant and silent with only the three of us at home, but it is the peace I very much appreciate.

Now Gabriel, the youngest of the kids and the only nephew, I reckon is much like me. The gap between his two sisters of 7 and 8 years is well, much like the age gap between my sisters and I – the youngest of three. He is a cute little fellow, who says the funniest things which makes you go ‘Where the hell did he learn that?!’ or simply bewilders you with the intelligence such a tiny being can have. And I smile when he visits, yelling for ‘Por-pers’ (Por Por), ‘Gong-Gong’ or ‘Ang-Ker Dare-rel’ from the gates.

And well, that makes me love kids – to watch such innocence, untainted, without jaded eyes, learning and growing each day. Which is not the point, if you’re wondering about my paternal instincts kicking in. Ahhhh…..awww…..

But my gawd! The yelling!!!

  1. dazza says:

    No, no, no. Kids!!! Argh!

  2. suN says:

    awww paternal instincts…. :D

  3. dazza says:

    No, no, no. Kids!!! Argh!

  4. suN says:

    awww paternal instincts…. :D

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