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Interview with the Dazza

August 08, 2011

As part of the Wedding Photographers Network (WPN) ongoing series of articles, I got down and personal in an interview on the blog.

Dazza Pictures - Wedding Photography. Singapore

Tell us a little about yourself.
Hello, I’m Dazza but my real name is Darryl. I’m Singaporean, music makes me happy and alcohol gets me drunk. I’ve lived in the East side of Singapore all my life – grew up skateboarding around East Coast Park, Katong, Bedok and Changi. My favourite colours are yellow, black and blue. Oh, and I really love coffee.

Tell us about the typical ‘Dazza’ approach to wedding portrait photography (pre-wedding).
We talk, we laugh and we just enjoy being ourselves. I feel that there is a joy within every couple just knowing that they love each other and that they are getting married. I just try to capture them for who they are as real, as natural and uncontrived as we can. I think we remember moments and hold them closer to our hearts when we know that there is a meaning or a story behind it. For all of us, that is a bit more meaningful than an image that is just pretty. And I think we look back in fondness at precious photos and recall “Remember that day when this was shot and we were happy just being together. This is us”.

Check out the rest of the interview on the WPN blog.

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