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Jeremy+Ann = BOOM!

September 24, 2009


What do you get when you put two amazing individuals together? Well the cliche would’ve been to say ‘when sparks fly’. But in the case of Jeremy and Ann it wasn’t sparks, it was BOOM! Boomtastic.

When you meet people for the first time, there’s always an aura one would sense if you’d be able to click with the other. When you do, there’s always that je ne sai quoi that makes the relationship all the more special. And that is what I felt when I met Jeremy, a brilliant photographer of whom I humbly am able to call and count on as a friend. In the short span of a year, we’ve helped each other out on various projects, shared countless laughs and exchanged experiences not just as fierce competitors but also as genuine friends. Then when I met straight-talking Ann, whom X immediately clicked with I just knew this relationship was looking long-term.

As a wedding photographer himself, J had been wondering what to do for his own Pre-Wedding shoot for his upcoming wedding. We had been experimenting on a little side project for a while, when one day we looked at each other and it clicked – we knew that this project waiting at the wings would be perfect.

The ladies can attest to the late nights, early mornings and countless ‘N.G’ takes we had to pull through to get these amazing one-off shots. But we all think the results paid off and most importantly we thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating.


Darryl from dazza
Jeremy from Redco Photography

Special thanks:
Xuann, Eadwine, Eirik and The Scientists.

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