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April 01, 2010

Koh Samui
So it’s 2am, I’ve just finished editing a set of photographs and I’m chillin with a bottle of Hoegaarden and some black peanuts leftover from Chinese New Year. Though a little too late to think about New Year resolutions and plans (OMG, where did the first quarter of 2010 go?), I’m feeling a little contemplative about work, life and love in the last 365 days or so.

The end of year wedding season for 2009 was crazy. I had shoots every weekend from September till January ’10, but the volume of editing work really didn’t start clearing up till mid-March. This left me a little lost because I felt I hadn’t had time. Time to think, time to contemplate, time to muse and time to myself. It was only during late night runs around the neighborhood at 2 in the morning, did I find some time to be with myself.

Now that is not to say I never had time to sit back and enjoy life. In January and February this year, I flew to Koh Samui and Phuket for work. In between sets and takes, I managed to squeeze in time to stop, stare and be in awe of blue skies, gorgeous sunsets and bright starry skies. I thank the stars and the countless blessings for the opportunity to have traveled.

And as I look back on all thats been achieved, all that has happened and ahead at all that is about to transpire, I find that the balance between doing what I love and loving what I do, has never been more important than ever. I think about all the great moments I was blessed to have witnessed but I also stand shell shocked at the mountain of work that proceeds.

So I remind myself, to take time out to read, to travel, to run and to escape into my own little worlds. Well, at least with some beer and peanuts.

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