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Hello, I’m Darryl, Dazza is my moniker and I shoot people.

I love coffee, music makes me happy and alcohol gets me drunk.
I love all things design related.
I’m a geek at heart – I grew up on Star Wars, but I think the new Star Trek is pretty awesome.
I’m a walking contradiction – allergic to prawns but lobsters do no harm.
I think irreverence is the answer to the ultimate question of life.
Live long and prosper \V/.

Recently, as part of the Wedding Photographers Network (WPN) ongoing series of articles, I got down and personal in an interview on the blog. Check it out here.

Oh, here’s the formal ‘About me’…

With an acute design perspective, a quirky sense of humor, and an appetite for all things fun and real, Dazza loves it when couples come with a taste for the edgy and unconventional.

Dazza sees humor and meaning where most ignore regard. His work is inclined towards pointing at the obvious beauty in the most obscure and mundane of the overlooked. Unscripted spontaneity, natural and genuine authentic moments attract Dazza. And with each frame capturing a moment in time, every photograph portrays a poetic significance.

And there’s just something dynamic about weddings that excites Dazza. It could be the sights, the sounds or the moments. But he thinks most of all – it is the spirit that fills every individual couple and their families on the big day that he loves.

Dazza Pictures is Darryl’s boutique wedding photography studio based in Singapore, where he injects an acute design perspective and his quirky sense of humor into the works he produces. Right for the wedding couple with an appetite for all things fun and real.


In 2005, Dazza was the only Singaporean out of 17 Australian based finalists, in an invite-only design competition opened to 50 multi-disciplinary designers. His design and conceptual ideas for CityCam Exchange was exhibited in Melbourne and at the prestigious Milan International Furniture Fair in Milan, Italy.

As a photographer, Dazza has received international awards from WPJA, [AG]WPJA, ISPWP and WedComp – an awards organisation with a purpose – whose mission is to provide safe, clean drinking water to those in need around the world.

Dazza is also a member of the Wedding Photographers Network. Founded by several award winning wedding photographers in Singapore, the WPNetwork aims to bring wedding photography to a higher level through sharing and instruction by photographers within the group.

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