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The one with the Carousel Birthday Cake

September 20, 2010

So we celebrated X’s birthday over the weekend, where we had my sister create an ultra-special cake designed as a Carousel. All Yvonne had to work on was me telling her ‘X would be surprised with a cake made as a carousel with horses’. According to Yvonne, she spent a few sleepless nights thinking about the design and then how she would make it structurally sound. I too, had not seen the cake until the very day of the reveal and was equally blown away like X. I mean, seriously check it out!

PS: I’ve had to deal with X going ‘How can I cut into this cake?! What a pity to do so’. Everything on the cake, except the pillars is edible and underneath the fondant sits a yummylicous chocolate cake, which I am dying to eat once X cuts into it.

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