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The Rockstar Family Portraits

March 13, 2009

dazza_candice-family-portraits_183_1E.jpgIt was on a cloudy Lunar New Year reunion day afternoon that Candice’s family rocked up to the studio for some portraits of the family. Even if it was cloudy out, it surely didn’t ruin the amazing fun and spontaneity indoors in the studio.


I met Candice and Howard late last year over lunch, where we chatted about their wedding plans for this year. And I got super excited when they told me later that they had decided to hire me. I almost Gummi Bear bounced about the walls of  my room. Cool or what?! And a few days before the Chinese New Year celebrations, I receive an SMS from Candice about wanting to get some family portraits done as a present to her parents. It was a bit of a last minute idea, but I knew it would just rock. And I would later learn, that the timing couldn’t be more right for it. Stars align as they say – shared birthdays, anniversaries and everyone back in one place in Singapore.

And so a few hours before the traditional eve of chinese new year reunion dinner, over ‘kuey kueys’, mid afternoon beers and alot of jumping about, the Koh Family Rockstar Portraits were produced. I knew I left the studio buzzing from the warmth of family and an awesome fun time. And then I went off for my family reunion dinner smiling and thinking – more please!

I know I’m looking forward and counting down the days guys, Candice and Howard!

dazza_candice-family-portraits_053E.jpg dazza_candice-family-portraits_106E.jpg

Parents – Not aware. Kids – Fighting.

dazza_candice-family-portraits_158E.jpg dazza_candice-family-portraits_181E.jpg

‘Gummi bears… bouncing up and down and everywhere….’

  1. Candice says:


  2. Alex says:

    Nice la, neighbour. This series very nice!
    Very cool family shoot.

  3. Candice says:


  4. Alex says:

    Nice la, neighbour. This series very nice!
    Very cool family shoot.

  5. labbit says:

    Ha they are one cool family isnt it?

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