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Dazza joins Tinydot Photography

April 09, 2012

Dazza joins Tinydot Photography

So you may have already heard – dazza is now tinydot photography.

In the last year, I’ve had several opportunities to collaborate with the guys from Tinydot. Working with each other has been great and we’ve found that we work better together. So when we put our heads together we realized ‘Hey! Wouldn’t it be great, if we could just work as a team all the time?’. And that is exactly what we have planned – to work together under the same roof as Tinydot photography. While I will no longer be telling wedding stories under Dazza Pictures, I plan to maintain it as a space for some of my personal work.

I am grateful for all the memories I was able to be a part of, thank you all for the love and support. While the studio name may have changed, I’m still the same old Dazza, the same wacky dude. And I hope you will join me at Tinydot Photography.


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